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Boston College Mascot 

Boston College Mascot

Baldwin the Eagle | Boston College Mascot

Throughout the years, the Eagle mascot has become a big part of the Boston College athletic tradition. In the summer of 2000 the tradition expanded with the adoption of new athletic logos. With this expansion came the evolution of our mascot. Baldwin is a 6 foot tall mascot with many bald eagle features, including feathers, wings, and a newly designed head. The name Baldwin comes from the Bald Eagle. As the national symbol of our country, the Bald Eagle is the most revered bird in the world. The second half of the name comes from the familiar theme of B.C. athletics - Win. The name Baldwin is one of power and prestige, intended to intimidate opponents while inspiring the Boston College Eagles.

Eagle Walk

BC started a new tradition during the 2007 season called the Eagle Walk. Two hours before the kickoff of every home game, the B.C. Eagles football team arrives on campus in front of Corcoran Commons and march with the band and cheerleaders to the Yawkey Center. Fans, students, and alumni line the road to cheer on the Eagles before each home football game.


The B.C. Eagles Superfans wear their Superfan shirts to every game, home or away.  The sea of gold that can be seen in the Boston College student section gives a major lift to the athletes on the field and intimidates the opposing athletes and fans.  Wear you shirt, be loud, be a Superfan.  B.C. Superfans get to games early. The most dedicated BC fans get to the games in time for warm-ups so that the team knows support is there. Before the game begins, Superfans make sure the stadium is rocking so that by gametime not only are the athletes ready, but the fans are ready too.

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