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Clemson Mascot 

Clemson Mascot

The Tiger | Clemson University Mascot

Since 1954, a Clemson University student has worn the Tiger mascot suit to entertain the Clemson faithful. Joined in 1993 by The Tiger Cub, these furry Tigers can be seen imitating game officials, signing autographs, getting their picture taken with dignitaries, shooting the cannon, or doing pushups each time Clemson scores. The Tiger Paw logo was introduced at a press conference on July 21, 1970, and was developed by Helen Weaver of Henderson Advertising in Greenville, South Carolina, from a mold of a Bengal Tiger in the St. Louis Zoo. The hook at the bottom of the paw is a sign that this is the official licensed trademark for Clemson University.

Running Down the Hill

Running down the Hill originally started out of neccessity. Before the west stands at Clemson were built, the football team dressed at Fike Field House and ran from there to the gate and down the hill onto the field. Today, it's to the sound of YOUR CLEMSON TIGERS, cannon fire, the band plays Tiger Rag, and thousands of orange dressed fans cheer the moment when the Clemson Tiger football team runs down the grassy hill and onto the field. This Clemson tradition has been dubbed the most exciting 25 seconds in college football.

Howards Rock

Howard's Rock, named for legendary Coach Frank Howard, was brought to Clemson from Death Valley, Calif., by 1919 alumnus S.C. Jones. The rock was first placed on a pedestal at the top of The Hill on September 24, 1966. Before a game against Wake Forest on September 23, 1967, Howard told his players that if they would give 110 percent, they could have the privilege of rubbing the rock. The Tigers won that game with a 23-6 victory. The white flint rock still sits at the top of The Hill, and Tiger football players rub it for good luck before each home game.

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