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Find Free Clemson Ringtones. Search for your favorite Clemson University Ringtones, Clemson Basketball and Football Fight Songs, and many other Clemson fight song ringtones and realtones. Download your favorite free Clemson Ringtones at ACC Football Guide. Clemson University is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Clemson joined the ACC in 1953, as a charter member of the ACC. Tiger Rag is the official Clemson University fight song. The Clemson fight song, Tiger Rag, is performed by the Clemson University Tiger Band, the Band that Shakes the Southland.

Clemson Tigers Fight Song

Tiger Rag

Long ago way down in the jungle
Someone got an inspiration for a tune
And that jingle came from the jungle
Became famous mighty soon
Thrills and chills it sends through you
Hot so hot it burns you too
Though it's just the growl of the Tiger
It was written in a syncopated way
More and more they yell for the Tiger
Everywhere you go today, they're shoutin:
Where's that Tiger?
Where's that Tiger?
Where's that Tiger?
Where's that Tiger?
Hold that Tiger!
Hold that Tiger!
Hold that Tiger!

Clemson University Alma Mater

Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness;
Where the Tigers play;
Here the sons of dear Old Clemson,
Reign supreme always.

We will dream of great conquests
For our past is grand,
And her sons have fought and conquered
Every foreign land.

Where the mountains smile in grandeur
O'er the hill and dale;
Here the Tiger lair is nestling
Swept by storm and gale.

We are brothers strong in manhood
For we work and strive;
and our Alma Mater reigneth
Forever in our lives.

Dear Old Clemson, we will triumph
And with all our might
That the Tiger's roar may echo
O'er the mountain height.

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