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Miami Hurricanes Mascot 

Miami Hurricanes Mascot

Sebastion the Ibis | University of Miami Hurricanes Mascot

The University of Miami adopted a native marsh bird called the Ibis as its official mascot in 1926. The Ibis is known for its bravery as a hurricane approaches. Folklore maintains that other birds look to the Ibis for leadership. The Ibis uses its instinct to detect danger. It is the last sign of wildlife to take shelter before a hurricane hits, giving warning that danger is imminent. As the storm passes the Ibis is the first to reappear, a sign that clear skies are approaching. Sebastian was created in August 1957 and was used as a homecoming competition entry. The mascot was named after the San Sebastian building, which became a University dormitory in 1939. The building, now an apartment building, still stands at the intersection of LeJeune Road and University Drive in Coral Gables. Sebastian with his number 0 Miami Hurricanes jersey, leads the University of Miami football team as it enters the field during home games.

The Smoke

One of the Miami Hurricanes football traditions is the team's entrance into the stadium. The Hurricanes enter the field through a large cloud of white smoke billowing from its entrance tunnel, amid a tape of a hurricane blasting over the sound system. The smoke comes from a series of pipes welded together and consists of fire extinguisher exhaust. Following the Miami Hurricanes meteoric rise to prominence in the 1980s, many high school, college and NFL teams over the last 25 years have also used this practice.

Touchdown Tommy

Touchdown Tommy is a bronze cannon that is fired off when the Miami Hurricanes run out of the tunnel before the games, after every point that the Hurricanes score, and at the conclusion of a victory. The cannon is kept by the Sigma Chi fraternity's Cannon Master and fired off during the games by the senior brothers of Sigma Chi. Touchdown Tommy is one of the oldest traditions at the University of Miami.

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