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NC State Mascot 

NC State Mascot

Mr. and Ms. Wuf | North Carolina State Wolfpack Mascot

In 1922, a disgruntled fan described the behavior of the North Carolina State University student body at athletic events as being like a wolf pack. The new nickname obviously stuck, probably much to the consternation of that disgruntled fan, and became accepted university wide. Known as the Wolfpack, N.C. State athletic teams were represented by live wolves for man years. That changed in the 1970s when the Wolfpack was represented at games by Mr. and Ms. Wuf, who wander along the sidelines as NC State's biggest fans. The duo began their friendship early in the 1970's and have cheered Wolfpack athletic teams to victory ever since. N.C. State athletics are also known by many symbols. Most widely known are the block S and the Strutting Wolf.


The NC State Homecoming celebration is one of the oldest traditions on campus. Organized by the Alumni Association and the Student Homecoming Committee, the celebration is a week full of events, tailgating, concerts, and the Hillsborough Street Homecoming Parade. 2004 marked the first year the parade returned to Hillsborough Street since 1983. The parade had disappeared all together until 2001, when it was brought back as a short ride through campus. Today NC State Homecoming is once again an event that brings together current students, alumni, and members of the surrounding community.

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