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Wake Forest Mascot 

Wake Forest Mascot

The Demon Deacon | Wake Forest University Mascot

The Demon Deacon is the mascot of Wake Forest University. Probably best known for its slightly unorthodox name and appearance, the Demon Deacon has become a mainstay in the world of U.S. college mascots. In 1923, the Wake Forest football team defeated rival Duke University. In the following issue of the school newspaper, the editor of the paper first referred to the team as Demon Deacons, in recognition of what he called their devilish play and fighting spirit. Wake Forest's news director at the time liked the title and used it often, so the popularity of the term grew. The actual mascot made its first appearance in 1941. Easily recognizable, always distinctive, the Demon Deacon adds a special dimension to WFU Athletics wherever he goes.

Screamin Demons

Student attendance of Wake Forest Football and Basketball games is high, in part due to the program known as Screamin' Demons. At the beginning of each athletic season students on the Reynolda Campus can sign up for Screamin Demon program whereby they pay $15 for each season; in addition to the best seats at the games, this gets students a football shirt in the fall and a tie-dye t-shirt in the spring along with a card that serves as an automatic pass to the sporting events. They lose this privilege if they miss two of the games. Through the planning of Sports Marketing and the Screamin' Demons program, basketball game seats in the students section are difficult to attain without participating in the Screamin' Demons program. The arena can seat only 2,250 of the 4,500 undergraduate students at Wake Forest. At least 150 seats are always set aside for non-Screamin Demons, who sit behind the 2,100 member group.

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